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Contracts and Evaluations

Image Survey

Evaluations of Statistics Denmark in an international perspective

Peer review report 2015

Public Image Survey 2010

Peer review of the implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice (2007)

User surveys

In November 2007 Statistics Denmark conducted the yearly user survey of the Statbank Denmark on-line system.

The conclusions can be read in the attached PDF-documents.

Further information:
Statistics Denmark:
Lars Knudsen  
Phone: + 45 3917 3318

Review of Statistics Denmark

Review of Statistics Denmark (2003)

By Bo Sundgren (Statistics Sweden)
Svein Nordbotten (Statistics Norway)

Efforts to reduce the response burden

Efforts made by Statistics Denmark to reduce the response burden (2003)

Further information:
Sven Egemose


Bettina Steen Brix