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Quarterly national accounts, industries

The breakdown by industry provides a more detailed account of the productive economic activity by type of activity, such as agriculture, manufacturing, construction, trade, business services and public administration. The purpose of the industry grouping is to analyse the development of the production structure and the individual sectors' contribution to real growth.

The breakdown by sector is carried out for those parts of the economy that have productive activity, i.e. production, consumption in production, value added as well as wages and employment.
The national accounts have five levels of aggregation for the industries: the 10a3, 19a2, 36a2, 69 and 117 grouping. An overview of industry groupings can be found here.

The quarterly national accounts are published exclusively for the 10a3 grouping. An overview of industry groupings can be found here.

There is a close correlation between the industrial grouping in the national accounts and Danish Industrial Classification 2007 (DB07) for levels 10a3, 19a2, 36a2 and 117.


Documentation of statistics

Get an overview of the purpose, content and quality of the statistics. Here you can find information on the sources that the statistics are derived from, what the statistics contains and how often it is published.

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Revision of National Accounts

National accounts, government finance statistics and the balance of payments will be revised in September.

Grafik: Revision 2014 - Danmarks Statistik

See information on the transition to the accounting system ESA 2010.

revision of national accounts


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