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Consulting abroad

Statistics Denmark provides assistance to sister agencies in pre-accession and neighbour countries to the EU as well as in countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East to build up their capacity to produce reliable, comparable, timely and available national statistics.

Why statistics are important

Statistics provide the information needed for policy-makers to make evidence-based decisions; for citizens to form opinions and hold governments accountable; for businesses to make sound decisions; and for researchers to analyse society. Assisting other national statistics institutes in producing statistics of high quality is important to Statistics Denmark. 

Institutional cooperation

Statistics Denmark believes in mutual cooperation between equal partners and work closely with the beneficiary institution to ensure national ownership - a key to development.

We prefer to carry out long-term institutional cooperation in order to achieve lasting results and to develop a strong relationship with the beneficiary institution and our partners. 

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Statistics Denmark participates in capacity building projects on all aspects of the statistical production from data collection to processing to dissemination. We also have the capacity to provide technical assistance on issues on organisational management and statistical legislation and policy.

Statistics Denmark has experience in providing assistance in most statistical topics including:

  • Specific areas within economic, social and business statistics 
  • Dissemination of statistical information 
  • Management and strategic planning
  • Quality assurance and management 
  • Use of administrative registers for statistical purposes 
  • IT infrastructure 


Statistics Denmark is not a funding agency. Our international involvement is either financed by the EU, the Danish government, The World Bank or the partner government.

Our projects

Statistics Denmark implements projects in other countries with the purpose to build up these countries’ capacity to produce reliable, comparable, timely and available statistics.

List of ongoing and recent projects

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