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Economic Model ADAM

ADAM (Annual Danish Aggregate Model) is a macroeconometric model developed by the macroeconomic modelling unit of Statistics Denmark. The model gives a simplified mathematical description of the interactions in the Danish economy.

In addition to the model a data bank is maintained. The data bank contains consistent unbroken yearly timeseries back to 1966.

The main users of ADAM and the data bank are the Danish economic ministries, as well as a number of interest organisations and financial institutions.

Documentation can be downloaded freely from this homepage. This includes documentation of the newest version of the model and data bank. Please note that some of the detailed documentation is available in Danish only.  

For more information contact:

Economic Models

Adam - a model of Danish economy

The publication describes ADAM (Annual Danish Aggregate Model), which is an economic model of the Danish economy.

ADAM - a model of the Danish economy

ADAM - a model of the Danish economy