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The model ADAM

ADAM (Annual Danish Aggregate Model) is a macroeconomic model developed by the macroeconomic modelling unit of Statistics Denmark. The model gives a simplified mathematical description of the interactions in the Danish economy.

The main users of ADAM are the Danish ministries of finance and of economic affairs. In addition a number of interest organisations and financial institutions use the model.

It is important that the model is empirically based and most of the behavioral equations are estimated on national accounts data. ADAM is characterised by being a large and disaggregated model.

The model is constantly developed and changes are collected in model versions published on average every second year. It can be more often if data is changed, for example during main revisions of the national accounts.

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Adam - a model of Danish economy

The publication describes ADAM (Annual Danish Aggregate Model), which is an economic model of the Danish economy.

ADAM - a model of the Danish economy

ADAM - a model of the Danish economy