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Headphones - Surveys - Statistics Denmark

Contact Information

Senior Advisor
Bo Lønberg Bilde, tel. +45 39 17 32 55

Head of Division
 Marie Fuglsang, tel. +45 39 17 31 71 or mobile 20 35 39 25

Statistics Denmark conducts surveys for both private and public customers. We carry out nationwide surveys with a random sample of the Danish population and businesses. We can also use our extensive registers as a basis to form a sample. This means that we can carry out interviews among almost any sample in Denmark, such as:

  • Parents of children in kindergarten
  • Nurses who completed their training 3-5 years ago
  • Car owners in the metropolitan area
  • Export Companies in the capital area
  • Companies of a certain size in Jutland  

There are many more options than the ones mentioned above. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities.

The surveys are carried out either via a web form, using telephone interviews or a postal questionnaire or a combination of these three methods.


Results from the survey can be delivered as anonymised data on an individual and company level and/or coupled with register data in tables. If you want to analyze data from Statistics Denmark registers coupled with data from the study on an individual or company level this can be done through our Division of Research. Read more about the possibilities here


The price depends on the content and scope of the survey. When the design of a particular survey is settled, we will send you a final price quote. It is also possible to get supplementary questions included on the monthly omnibus survey – an inexpensive way to conduct small studies with high quality.