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General Enterprise Statistics

The General enterprise statistics covers real active enterprises in Denmark yearly. It contains economic and employment information concerning all sectors and industries. The General enterprise statistics is communicated in NYT from Statistics Denmark (in Danish) and via the StatBank.

Data description

The General enterprise statistics covers real active enterprises in all the Danish registered activities including information about number of enterprises and their turnover and employment. These variables are the main purpose for the statistics, which gives the complete picture of the population of enterprises. In addition to that the General enterprise statistics, contained accounting information until the reference year 2013, such as wages, capital and reserves and fixed assets. Since these variables are completely overlapping with the Accounting statistics from the year 2014, users are referred to that statistics.

The real active enterprises are defined by counting enterprises as active if they produce a work effort of at least 0.5 full time equivalents, in line with recommendations from EU.

The recommendation is implemented in a way, where the General Enterprise Statistics only contains enterprises who has wages for employees (based on the eIndkomstRegistret) adding up to at least 0.5 full time equivalents and/or has a calculated earning of a significant amount. Earnings are calculated from turnover. The turnover amounting to a given earning varies across sectors, and therefore it is not possible to determine a certain turnover threshold. in sectors within wholesale the threshold is typically between DKK 150.000 and 200.000. In the public sector, where the turnover is not relevant as an expression for activity, employment information is the only source that is utilized, while enterprises in finance and insurance are treated manually to determine their real activity. For enterprises that are founded in the reference year, the turnover threshold is set to half of the threshold for other enterprises. This is done because newly founded enterprises typically does not have the same turnovers when starting up, compared to the effort of work done.

Classification system

The statistics is published on activity classifications. In addition the statistics is published on enterprise size, Danish regions and legal forms.

Sector coverage

The statistics covers all sectors.

Statistical concepts and definitions

Enterprise: The enterprise level is the smallest combination of legal units that is an organizational unit, which are financially autonomous. One enterprise is linked to one legal unit or in a few cases several legal units. There are a small number of enterprises in the agricultural sector to which legal units are not linked.

Active companies: In the Central Business Register, which provides the basis for the Statistical Business Register, all enterprises, which are obliged to register according to tax legislation, are registered regardless of their level of activity. This implies that even the smallest activity results in a registration of an enterprise.

The intention is to analyse real commercial activity. Starting from the recommendation of Eurostat, the General enterprise statistics only include active enterprises - throughout the year or a part of the year.

Eurostat recommends to include only enterprises, where a workload corresponding to at least 0.5 man-year is carried out.

Statistical unit

The General enterprise statistics is counted at the enterprise level (economic units).

Statistical population

The population is all active enterprises i Denmark.

Reference area


Time coverage


Base period

Not relevant for this statistics.

Unit of measure

Number of enterprises, DKK Mio.

Reference period

01-01-2021 - 31-12-2021

Frequency of dissemination

The General enterprise statistics is compiled annually.

Legal acts and other agreements

The data is collected in accordance the the general law on Statistics Denmark §6.

Cost and burden

The statistics is based on administrative registers and other statistics. Therefore there is not direct burden in connection with this statistic.


Further information can be found on Emneside or by contacting Statistics Denmark.