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General Enterprise Statistics

The purpose of the statistics is to give a coherent and consistent description of the Danish business structure at the enterprise level.

The General enterprise statistics, which were compiled for the first time for the year 1999, have replaced the Enterprise statistics produced for the years 1992-1999.

Statistical presentation

The General enterprise statistics covers real active enterprises in Denmark yearly. It contains economic and employment information concerning all sectors and industries. The General enterprise statistics is communicated in NYT from Statistics Denmark (in Danish) and via the StatBank.

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Statistical processing

The Statistics are collected yearly, and are based on internal registers in Statistics Denmark. Primarily the Statistical Business Register and the Account statistics. The sources are compiled an aggregated to the level of publication. There is a minimal error detection and treatment done, since the statistics mainly is based on final data from other statistics and registers.

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The statistics is relevant for analysis of the Danish business development and structure.

Users of the statistic are: government agencies, corporate agencies, Eurostat, regions, counties as well as private enterprises and private persons.

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Accuracy and reliability

Generally the statistics is considered to be of high quality, since the central variable on number of enterprises are based on the administrative registrations. The possible uncertainties of the statistics are associated with the quality of the sources of the statistic. Especially Accounts Statistics for Non-Agricultural Private Sector.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics is published 18 months after the end of the reference year. The statistics is published without delays regarding scheduled release times. From the reference year 2016 the statistics is published with preliminary data 10 months after the end of the reference year.

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The General enterprise statistics covering only private enterprises excluding agriculture can be compared to the national published Account statistics for enterprises. The statistics is also published annually by Eurostat under the name "Business Statistics".

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Accessibility and clarity

Current publication: News from Statistics Denmark (only Danish), The Danish StatBank, Statistical Yearbook and The statistical decade (only Danish)

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