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This set of statistics is focused on the Danish road network — both the road traffic and the investments in the road network. Statistics Denmark communicates the statistics of the Danish Road Directorate as part of the collaboration between the two institutions.


The road traffic is compiled annually as the number of kilometres covered by various types of vehicles and as the number of vehicles on selected stretches of road.
In addition, the road infrastructure or road network shows how many kilometres exist of different roads broken down by part of the country, as well as investments in the road network. The road network includes all types of public roads (main roads, byroads, motorways, expressways, E-roads and roads in urban areas).

The statistics are produced by the Danish Road Directorate and selected tables are exhibited in Statbank Denmark.


Documentation of statistics

Get an overview of the purpose, content and quality of the statistics. Here you can find information on the sources that the statistics are derived from, what the statistics contains and how often it is published.

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