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Road Network and Road Traffic

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Karina Moric Ingemann
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Road Network and Road Traffic 2022

The statistics, Road network and Traffic describes the Danish road network, its traffic and the investments in it. The statistics are comparable since 1990. Statistics Denmark disseminates statistics on behalf of The Danish Road Directorate as part of the cooperation between the two institutions.

Statistical presentation

These statistics contain information on the number of vehicles per 24 hours after road segment, million vehicle kilometers by means of transport, road network in kilometers by province and type of road and road network investments in million DKK by type of investment.

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Statistical processing

The statistics is processed by the Danish Road Directorate and published by Statistics Denmark as part of a cooperation between the two agencies.

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The statistics is used by e.g. news media, analytical work, and ministries.

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Accuracy and reliability

Statistics Denmark have no assessment of the concrete precision of the statistics. Information about this is with the Road Directorate.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics are published every October after the reference period.

The statistics is published without delay according to the preannounced time.

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In general the statistics is comparable across time. Comparable statistics for the countries within the European Statistical System is available with Eurostat.

The is a break in time series with geographical subdivision based on administrative units as a result of the Reform the municipality structure in 2007.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics are published in the StatBank under the topics Road network and Traffic.

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