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Road Network and Road Traffic

These statistics contain information on the number of vehicles per 24 hours after road segment, million vehicle kilometers by means of transport, road network in kilometers by province and type of road and road network investments in DKK million by type of investment.

Data description

These statistics contain information about the road network itself and its traffic. For the road network itself, the total kilometers of roads are divided by road type and geographical by country. In addition, investments in the road network in DKK million are estimated and divided by investment type. Investments are calculated in current year's prices, 1995 prices and 2000 prices. For traffic, the number of motor vehicles by road type, and million vehicle kilometers of Danish vehicles on Danish roads by means of transport are estimated.

Classification system

The road network is divided geographically by provinces and type of road in respectively state, municipal and other:

  • Motorways
  • Dual carriageways
  • Other roads.

Type of investments in the road network are divided into:

  • Cost of new constructions
  • Cost of maintenance
  • Great belt link
  • Oresund link

Road traffic of Danish vehicles are grouped into means of transport.

Sector coverage


Statistical concepts and definitions

Other than state and municipality roads: Roads not state or municipality roads. It is mainly roads owned by the state owned limited company Sund og Bælt A/S (Sound and Belt) that owns and operates the bridges across Great Belt, (the Danish part of) Øresund and when finished across Femern Belt.

Cost of new constructions: Cost of new constructions

Cost of maintenance: Cost of maintenance of existing infrastructure

E-roads: E-roads are road part of the European road network. In Denmark it is primarily motorways working as transit corridors north-south and east-west.

Type of investment: Type of investment is either cost of construction of new infrastructure or cost of maintenance of existing infrastructure

Municipality roads: Roads maintained by municipalities. It is local express roads, urban and non-urban roads and minor roads

Type of vehicle: Type of vehicle or mean of transport, e.g. bicycle or car

Province: Denmark are divided into 11 provinces as aggregation of municipalities. The provinces correspond to NUTS3-level in the NUTS-classification.

Express roads: A road built for motor traffic that does not serve adjacent properties; does not normally have separate carriageways for the two directions of traffic; is accessible only from interchanges or controlled junctions; on which stopping and parking on the running carriageway is prohibited; and is specially sign-posted and reserved for specific categories of motor vehicles.

Motorways: A road specially designed and built for motor traffic which does not serve properties bordering it; has separate carriageways in two directions; has no crossings at the same level with any road, railway or footpath; and is specially sign-posted and reserved for specific categories of road motor vehicles.

State roads: Road owned and maintained by the state. Typically main roads connecting the country, i.e. motorways and express roads.

Vehicle-kilometre: A unit of measure representing the movement of a road vehicle over one kilometre

Type of road: Type of road is a combination of the owner/operator of the road and whether it is a motorway, express road or other.

Other type of roads: Other roads than motorways or express roads not including paths and gravel roads and roads on private property. Roads under municipality supervision (public access) is included.

Statistical unit

  • Road network
  • Investments
  • Motor vehicle
  • Road traffic

Statistical population

The road network in Denmark excluding paths and gravel roads.

Reference area


Time coverage

  • The road network covers the period from 1990 and onwards for road type at national level, but there is a geographical data breach from 2007 onwards
  • Investments in the road network cover the period from 1990 and onwards
  • Motor vehicles per day cover the period from 1988 and onwards
  • Traffic work with Danish vehicles covers the period from 2000 and onwards

Base period

Investments in the road network are presented in current prices, 2000-prices and 1995-prices.

Unit of measure

  • Road network in kilometers (KM)
  • Investments in DKK million
  • Motor vehicle traffic in number of per day
  • Road traffic in million vehicle km. (VKM)

Reference period

Calendar year.

Frequency of dissemination


Legal acts and other agreements

The Act on Statistics Denmark (Lov om Danmarks Statistik), Section 8, cf. Order no. 599 of 22 June 2000.

Cost and burden

There is no direct response burden in compiling these statistics since data is reported by another public authority.


For further information contact Statistics Denmark directly.