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Distributive trades

Wholesale and retail trade are the final links in the distribution of trade goods. The private consumption of goods is done primarily via retail trade, and the monthly retail trade index is an important short term indicator of the business cycle, covering approximately one third of all private consumption. The subject distributive trade also covers yearly statistics on the retail trade by organic foods.

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Julehandlens betydning for detailhandlen

18. december 2015

Julehandlens betydning for detailhandlen

Julehandlen er i fuld gang, og for flere brancher er julehandlen den vigtigste periode i løbet af året. Inden for detailhandel med spil og legetøj udgør salget i december eksempelvis mere end en femtedel af den årlige omsætning. Denne analyse belyser, hvilke brancher i detailhandlen julehandlen er særlig vigtig for. I den forbindelse analyseres også udviklingen i julehandlens betydning for disse brancher.