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The Board

Statistics Denmark is governed by a Board consisting of the National Statistician as Chairman and six other members with insight into social and economic conditions.

The Board establishes its own order of business and has decided to appoint a Deputy Chairman among its members. Within the framework allowed by legislation and the available resources, the Board makes decisions on:

  • Statistics Denmark’s annual work program prioritises the tasks that are to be carried out.
  • the extent of and the manner in which  information is to be collected from the business community, including implementation of EU and national legislation. Thereby, the Board is responsible for the response burden imposed on the business sector by SD.
  • which information is to be reported by public authorities and institutions to SD.
  • guidelines for coordinating the collection and processing of statistics between SD and other public and private producers of statistics.
  • assigning tasks to Denmark’s central bank concerning financial statistics.
  • Statistics Denmark’s budget, including issues of greater financial importance.
  • setting up advisory committees.

Members of the Board

Jørgen Elmeskov:
Chairman of the Board of Statistics Denmark
National Statistician (Director General)

Other members of the Board of Statistics Denmark:
Peter Gorm Hansen, Director
Laila Mortensen, Adm. director, Industriens Pension
Jakob Hald, KRAKA
Elsebeth Lynge, Professor, Copenhagen University
Steen Nielsen, Deputy director, Confederation of Danish Industry
Kjeld Møller Pedersen, Professor, University of Southern Denmark

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