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Strategy 2025

Strategy  2025

The strategy charts the course for Statistics Denmark’s development towards 2025 and sets the main priorities for our work.

Statistics Denmark is the national supplier of independent statistics and data to society. The vision of our activities in the years ahead is to be the preferred source of reliable knowledge on Danish society.


Big Data Strategy 2018-2020

Big Data Strategy  2018-2020

Big Data is the effect of the accelerating digitisation, which means that individuals as well as enterprises leave behind electronic footprints while performing a vast number of more or less standard and everyday actions. 

Statistics Denmark’s Strategy 2022 stipulates that an action plan for utilisation of Big Data must be prepared in the strategy period.

Statistics Denmark’s Big Data Strategy will focus mainly on the application of data in relation to existing statistics and on forming data partnerships with others for the purpose of improving existing sources for the official statistics.


Communication strategy 2025

Communication strategy  2025

Communication strategy 2025 describes Statistics Denmark’s strategic goals for the development of our external communication towards 2025 and is one of the means to realise Strategy 2025.

As a part of Strategy 2025, Statistics Denmark shall be the preferred source of reliable information on society in times where citizens need to navigate through an immense and potentially misleading flow of facts and figures and where it is hard to know for sure whether statistics and analyses are reliable and detached from specific interests.

The communication strategy provides an overview of our strategic communication goals and efforts to further develop Statistics Denmark’s external communication, including communication to and with our different target groups. 


Statistics are only valuable, when they are trustworthy, comparable internationally, and timely.

The faster statistics are made public, the better the knowledge we have of society – a society in constant development. The times need numbers, and numbers must be there on time.


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