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Services to adults with disability and marginalised adults

The statistics' time series is comparable from 4th quarter of 2013 to 4th quarter of 2022. However, the data quality is not known until Q1 2015 and data are only complete from Q1 2018 to Q4 2022 inclusive. The statistics can best be compared to the data on disability services that were previously reported to the statistics Social resources. The data are not directly comparable with international statistics.

Comparability - geographical

The statistics are not directly comparable to any international statistics because the services included in the statistics are defined by Danish law.

Comparability over time

The time series can best be compared to previously published data on disability services. These data can be found in tables RESV01 to RESV05, which is available at StatBank Denmark. The tables are based on summary information reported annually by the municipalities to the statistics . However, please note that the the comparability of data is insufficient throughout some time series. This is the case when combining the statistics Social Resources with Disability and marginalized adults (these statistics). This is because of different methods of calculation. The most important difference is that data are calculated based on civil registration numbers (CPR) in these statistics.

Another difference is that data to these statistics have been reported by the municipality which provides the individual service, and not the municipality which pays for the service, as was the case with Social Resources. This result in large differences in the number of cases for each municipality. Due to the lack of coverage in these statistics, the national totals in this release cannot be compared to the previous national totals in Social Resources. Furthermore, seeing that some municipalities have not approved all data for the period, one should be careful when comparing summarized numbers for all municipalities across all quarters. In total 98 municipalities have approved data for this release. 74 of the municipalities have approved data for the entire period. The period Q1 2018 to Q4 of 2022 contain all data for all 98 municipalities.

Coherence - cross domain

Statistics Denmark is not aware of other statistics in this area.

Coherence - internal

It is estimated the internal consistency is high.