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Timeliness and punctuality

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Statistics Denmark, Short Term Statistics
Simon B. Halifax
+45 39 17 30 88

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Services Survey

The Survey is launched about 5 working days before the beginning of the survey month. Questionnaires or e-mail notification is send out. Deadline for responses is about the 6th of the survey month. Reminder is send about the 13th giving new deadline about the 20th of the survey month. The statistics is compiled about the 24th immediately before deadline for sending data to EU-partner DG ECFIN. Last but one working day before the end of the survey month data is published in both Denmark and EU. The process always runs punctual.

Timeliness and time lag - final results

The statistic is published the last day but one of the survey month as a principal rule, i.e. about 30 days after the date of reference. Data is not revised afterwards.


The process always runs punctual with no delays.