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Statistical processing

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Personal Finances and Welfare, Social Statistics
Jarl Quitzau
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Personal assets and Liabilities

Data from the different statistical sources are combined using the personal identification number.

Source data

Most data on financial assets and debt comes from the tax authorities. Some data from the municipalities on unpaid property taxes are added to this. The pension data are collected from the pension funds in close cooperation with the Danish National Bank. The value of cars is assessed by using used car sales prices from AutoBranchen Danmark. Up-to-date sale prices on houses come from a mix of a register on house sale prices, the Building and dwelling register and the public property assessments. The municipalities (mainly KMD) delivers data on postponed payments of real estate taxes.

Frequency of data collection


Data collection

The sources are as mentioned in 3.1. The models that estimate the sales value of property & cars as well as Civil servant pensions are executed within Statistics Denmark.
All data contains personal identification numbers etc. that are used to link the various inputs and to the central personal register. The personal identification numbers are replaced by random identifiers and only information relevant to the production of the statistics enters the data processing phase.

Data validation

The data on pensions is validated by Statistics Denmark and The Danish National Bank. Data is validated on both the micro level and the macro level where the data form each pension provider is compared to the accounting data. Most other data coming from the tax system are validated by the tax authorities. Only minor validations are conducted when seeking more information and to check for new codes in the data since it is assumed that the tax authorities validated the data beforehand. Prior to publication, the annual changes to the wealth components are evaluated and compared to secondary sources, where these are available.

Data compilation

All data is linked via the personal identification number. Data is grouped and aggregated and relevant background information on the families or persons are integrated for the publications.


Not relevant for these statistics.