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Personal Finances and Welfare, Social Statistics
Jarl Quitzau
+45 3917 3594

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Personal assets and Liabilities

These statistics are relevant for researchers, ministries, organisations, pension funds and the media. It is used for forecasts on the pension system and, analyses on the level of wealth in different strata, the level of prosperity and the level of economic inequality. The statistical data and results are also used in other statistical areas within Statistics Denmark, e.g. in national accounting and as a supplement to the income statistics.

User Needs

Statistics about wealth and debt focused on the individual level can give important input to analyses of e.g. how wealth is distributed among various household types and what economic situations they are in. Especially data about the distribution of pension assets is interesting for the evaluation of the Danish pension systems and its effect on both the future living conditions of households and its effect on state finances. Researchers, ministries and pension providers are therefore especially interested in these data.

User Satisfaction

Relevant users are invited for an annual meeting, where they can comment on the statistics. Otherwise the contact with users happens mainly through weekly calls and mails with questions about the statistics.

Data completeness rate

All wealth components that are available at the individual level have been included in the statistics. The biggest missing components are assumed to be non-traded stocks, hard currency & value of boats, planes, artworks etc. owned by private individuals. This includes illegally earned wealth and assets hidden abroad. A memo that can be found on the topic page concerning wealth clarifies which wealth components that have not been included.