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Health Insurance Statistics

These statistics focus on the correlation between social conditions and the primary public health service. The statistics are based on annual extracts from the joint municipal system of public health insurance (Det Fælleskommunale Sygesikringssystem) used by the regions to settle accounts for health services with the individual providers (e.g. physicians, dentists etc.). The statistics have been compiled since 1986, but are comparable from 2006 onwards.

Statistical presentation

The statistics cover visits to the general practitioners and therapists in the primary national health service. The statistics include the number of contacts, the associated costs and the number of recipients. The statistics have been affected by COVID-19 in the sense that there have been far more contacts with general practitioners, especially e-consultation, which covers, for example, test results on COVID-19 tests. In addition, there is a decline in physiotherapy, which is also thought to be related to COVID-19.

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Statistical processing

A review of the collective agreement’s tariff folders regarding new services leads to an indication as to whether the service must be included under contacts or not. In addition to the fee that is directly linked to a service, Statistics Denmark makes a special calculation for general practitioners adding basic fee and clinical practice cost fees. We do so to create an improved basis of comparison between the expenses for general practitioners and medical specialists etc. The received register data is connected with background data from Statistics Denmark and assessments are made.

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Statistics Denmark estimates that to a wide extent, these statistics meet the users’ needs. It is estimated, however, that extending the statistics with use of pharmaceuticals could increase the usefulness.

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Accuracy and reliability

The register has full coverage and the data is of relatively high quality. Changes in collective agreements from one year to the next may render comparison over time difficult in fields with a relatively narrow scope. The assessment of the number of contacts depends on the specific breakdown of services in the health insurance system. In connection with changed breakdowns, certain services which should rightfully be considered as contacts may be left out.

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Timeliness and punctuality

Under preparation.

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Data basis for assessments of visits to physicians etc. (health insurance statistics) is Det Fælleskommunale Afregningsregister (joint municipal settlement register). Delimitation and definition of contacts (or use of services instead of contacts) may result in statistics that do not seem to be directly comparable. Typically, any – often minor – differences can be attributed to method and delimitation. The overall picture is unambiguous.

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Accessibility and clarity

Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik and Statbank Denmark,

Annual publications (selected sections): Statistical Ten-Year Review.

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