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Welfare and Health, Social Statistics
Jonas Kirchheiner-Rasmussen +45 39 17 34 93
+45 39 17 34 93

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Health Insurance Statistics

The statistics are used by a wide range of users, including public institutions, researchers, private individuals, and journalists. These users utilize the statistics for various purposes, including public planning, research, and public debate.

User Needs

  • Users: Municipalities, regions, ministries, organisations, private companies and private individuals.
  • Fields of application: Public planning purposes, research and public debate.

User Satisfaction

There is regular contact with users, either by email or by phone. Based on feedback, it is assessed that the needs of users are largely met. However, there is also demand for, among other things, the reasons for the contacts and the expenses for the private household in connection with healthcare treatments.

Data completeness rate

Under preparation.