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Statistical processing

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Welfare and Health, Social Statistics
Birgitte Schûtt Christensen and Charlotte Wind von Bennigsen
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Health Insurance Statistics

A review of the collective agreement’s tariff folders regarding new services leads to an indication as to whether the service must be included under contacts or not. In addition to the fee that is directly linked to a service, Statistics Denmark makes a special calculation for general practitioners adding basic fee and clinical practice cost fees. We do so to create an improved basis of comparison between the expenses for general practitioners and medical specialists etc. The received register data is connected with background data from Statistics Denmark and assessments are made.

Source data

The joint municipal system of public health insurance is the primary source. In addition to this, supplementary sources are applied such as Tariff folders in the ok portal (services) and calculation of practice cost fees etc. Internal sources:

  • The register of population statistics (family type, ancestry)
  • The register of income statistics (level of income) for the previous year
  • Register-based Labour Force Statistics (socio-economic status) as of November the previous year.

Frequency of data collection


Data collection


Data validation

The data received are compared with data from the previous year, and any major fluctuations examined to reassure quality. For the purpose of statistical production data are analyzed thoroughly, and further studies made on the basic data if needed.

Data compilation

Number of contacts is calculated on the basis of the number of services and indication of whether the service is considered a contact or not. With effect from 2006, sex and age have been imputed for the minor group of children that is registered under the civil registration number of the accompanying adult. Connection with other details about family relations, ancestry, socio-economic status and income. Personal files are created with the aggregate number of contacts and aggregate gross fee. Statbank Denmark tables are created from the above-mentioned data basis.


From 2005, the register was cleansed of observations for which there are no reimbursements via the public health insurance (the gross fee equals 0). This applies primarily to physiotherapy and dental treatment. Accordingly, data is assessed for 2005 both by the old method of assessment by which data is not cleansed, and the new assessment method by which data is cleansed.

There is a very small number of records for which the number of contacts is negative. For 2008, there are 3,869 negative records (corresponding to 0.3 per thousand of all records). For 2009 and 2010, there are 788 and 771 negative records, respectively. This is due to technical settlement adjustments in the register, i.e. not adjustments made by Statistics Denmark. For 2013, Statistics Denmark has been informed by CSC Scandihealth that they have found small inaccuracies (regarding October, November and December 2013) in the submitted data, because adjustments in Region Midtjylland (Central Denmark Region) have been assessed with incorrect operational signs.