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Government finance statistics, Economic department
Ida Balle Rohde
+45 39 17 30 15

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Government Finance , Quarterly Accounts

The statistics covers the sector of government finances. The statistic has a lot of interested parties including ministries, politicians, the press and Eurostat.

User Needs

The users of the statistics are ministries, political parties, non-governmental organizations, local government, public and private enterprises, and members of the general public. The statistics are also part of Eurostat's European statistics of quarterly government finances.

User Satisfaction

Statistics Denmark has several forums where key users of the statistics have the opportunity to participate, eg. The User Committee for Economic Statistics, which has the following general tasks:

  • Discuss and evaluate the results obtained and the planned development in the economic statistics
  • Discuss users' use of economic statistics and their need for new statistics
  • Discuss quality, documentation and dissemination of economic statistics

Data completeness rate

The statistic covers general government sector, as it is described in European system of national accounts ESA 2010. The statistic covers the entire target population.