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Government finance statistics, Economic department
Ida Balle Rohde
+45 39 17 30 15

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Government Finance , Quarterly Accounts

The statistics are published in Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik (News from Statistics Denmark).

Information is also available from Statbank Denmark at Statistikbanken in the tables OFF3K, OFF26K, OFF10K og OFF12K.

Release calendar

The publication date appears in the release calendar. The date is confirmed in the weeks before.

Release calendar access

The Release Calender can be accessed on our English website: Release Calender.

User access

Statistics are always published at 8:00 a.m. at the day announced in the release calendar. No one outside of Statistics Denmark can access the statistics before they are published.

News release

The statistics are published in Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik (News from Statistics Denmark)

Subject page about government finance, quarterly accounts


The statistics are published in News from Statistics Denmark and on the Subject page on Government finance, quarterly accounts.

On-line database

Quarterly government finances are published in Statbank Denmark in the following tables

  • OFF3K: General government, expenditure and income
  • OFF26K: General government, final consumption expenditures
  • OFF10K: General government, income transfers (to households) by type of income and seasonal adjustment
  • OFF12K: General government, taxes by type of tax and seasonal adjustment

Micro-data access

Statistics Denmark stores the data files as digital data. The data are available for special purposes.


The quarterly government finance are consistent with the quarterly national accounts.

The quarterly government finance are consistent with the annual government finance and the national accounts.

Data are reported to Eurostat by Table 25 'quarterly non-financial accounts for general government' on the basis of a gentlemen's agreement with Member States in the Financial Accounts Working Group.

Data are available on Eurostats website: Eurostat.

The statistics compiled by the guidelines of the European System of National Accounts (ESA 2010).

Confidentiality - policy

The statistics follow the policy of data privacy by Statistics Denmark.

Confidentiality - data treatment

The statistics are published on a level that there is no need to take special precautions in relation to discretion.

Documentation on methodology

Documentation of the statistics is published in Offentlige Finanser (Public finance) appearing in the series Statistiske Efterretninger (Statistical News) and in the yearly publication Skatter og Afgifter.

Quality documentation

Results from the quality evaluation of products and selected processes are available in detail for each statistics and in summary reports for the Working Group on Quality.