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Government Finance , Quarterly Accounts

The purpose of Quarterly General Government finances is to give a overview over expenditure and revenue in the general government sector. The statistics is used to analyze the public economy. Data are available and comparable from the first quarter 1999 and onward. The statistics is published within three months of the end of the quarter.

Statistical presentation

The statistics show the quarterly expenditure and revenue in the sector of general government. The statistics include more data on taxes, income transfers to households and public consumption. The statistics are published within three months of the end of the quarter to which the data concerns. All numbers are in current prices.

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Statistical processing

The main source for the statistics is the accounts of the state, municipalities and regions. The numbers are supplemented by other sources. Estimates are included for the supplement period. For numbers that are not accrued appropriately to the quarters, a calculation is made based on the numbers for the previous quarters, which are distributed among the quarters. There is conducted error detection and validation of the numbers. Table OFF10K and OFF12K are adjusted for seasonal effects.

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The statistics covers the sector of government finances. The statistic has a lot of interested parties including ministries, politicians, the press and Eurostat.

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Accuracy and reliability

There is no estimation on the uncertainty. Error accounting records are much more frequent in the quarterly accounting reports than in annual accounting reports. The quarterly accounting reports for the central government, regions and municipalities are not represented a final accounting for the quarter. They rather represent a snapshot of the expenditure and revenue recorded at the end of the quarter.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics are usually published without delay in relation to the scheduled date which is three months after the end of the quarter.

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There is complete comparability with government finance statistics in other countries complying with international standards, i.e. ESA 2010 and SNA 2008. There is comparability over time, but the numbers are calculated at current prices.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics are published in Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik (News from Statistics Denmark).

Information is also available from Statbank Denmark at Statistikbanken in the tables OFF3K, OFF26K, OFF10K og OFF12K.

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