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Economic Accounts for Agriculture

The Economic Accounts for Agriculture is yearly calculated based on data from many different statistics, mainly from the agricultural statistics. The values of the different products are calculated using prices and quantities. Data is validated when the primary statistics are calculated but it is also validated when used in the calculation of the Economic Accounts for Agriculture.

Source data

The Economic Accounts for Agriculture consist of data on values of the agricultural production and intermediate consumption from many different statistics produced in Statistics Denmark. It is mainly statistics related to agriculture and the agricultural sector e.g.

Farm structure survey ( number of holdings and areas), Vegetable statistics (harvest results and stocks of crops), Animal statistics (livestock and livestock products), Intermediate Goods (feeding stuffs, fertilizers and pesticides), Accounts Statistics for Agriculture, Prices and price indices for Agriculture.

Data regarding the finance Act are used to the calculation of bank services and taxes. Other than that data from International trade is also used. Finally data from the Danish Agricultural Agency is used to the calculations on subsidies.

Frequency of data collection


Data collection

Data is not gathered directly to the Economic Accounts for Agriculture but it comes from other existing statistics. A lot of the materials are available in Statbank Denmark, whereas other materials are gathered in other agricultural statistics and the data is available here. Data on subsidies are delivered by the Danish Agricultural Agency.

Data validation

The data validation is made in different steps.

Data is validated in the primary statistics. When data is delivered to the Economic Accounts for Agriculture, data is checked again both in relation to the results former years and to the overall development. It is possible to check the primary data again if it is necessary. At the end the data is compared to each other and corrections can be made.

Data compilation

The data compilation is closely connected with the data validation. Overall are prices and quantities collected and the values of each product are calculated. At the same time it is taken into account that there are different boundaries for the different statistics where imputation can be used.


Corrections are not made on data other than what has already been described in data validation and data processing.