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Economic Accounts for Agriculture

The Economic Accounts for Agriculture (EAA) illustrates the development in the economy in the agricultural sector and serves as input to the National Accounts. Economic Accounts for Agriculture exist back to 1935, but the statistics are in their present form comparable from 1990 onwards.

Statistical presentation

The Economic Accounts for Agriculture (EAA) is an annual statement of the agricultural business results, including crop and animal sales products, intermediate consumption, grants and taxes. The Economic Accounts for Agriculture shows the results before depreciation, interest and remuneration of labor. The statistics are calculated in million Danish kroner and as price and volume indices. It is broken down by type and geographical by region.

The COVID-19 crisis have no impact on this statistic.

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Statistical processing

The Economic Accounts for Agriculture is yearly calculated based on data from many different statistics, mainly from the agricultural statistics. The values of the different products are calculated using prices and quantities. Data is validated when the primary statistics are calculated but it is also validated when used in the calculation of the Economic Accounts for Agriculture.

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The Economic Accounts for Agriculture is relevant for the Danish authorities especially the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, EU and the agricultural organizations, so they can follow the development in the economic activities in the agricultural sector. It is also an input to the National Accounts.

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Accuracy and reliability

As the statistics are compiled on the basis of a wide range of agricultural statistics, a significant number of sources of statistical errors are present. Problems with providing fully representative reference periods can give uncertainty whereas information from dairies and slaughterhouses is exact. For the preliminary results some estimates and assumptions are used until the primary data are finalized which is the reason why the Economic Accounts for Agriculture are finalized two years after the first time published. The reliability f the statistics is good. The margins of statistical error are not calculated.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The preliminary statistics are published at the latest 6 months after the end of the reference period. Revised figures, but still preliminary, are published 10 months after the reference period. The final figures are published 2 years and 6 month after the reference period.

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The Economic Accounts for Agriculture is comparable in its current form back to 1990. It can be compared to the Economic Accounts for Agriculture produced by Eurostat. There are some few differences between the Danish and European version. It is also in some way comparable to the economic accounts for agriculture which is calculated on farm level.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics are published in News from Statistics Denmark. The StatBank Denmark publishes the gross factor income of agriculture under the subject Agricultural Economics. In addition, the figures are included in Statistical Yearbook and Statistical Ten Years Summary. See more on the subject Agricultural Economics.

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