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Economic Accounts for Agriculture

The Economic Accounts for Agriculture (EAA) is an annual statement of the agricultural business results, including crop and animal sales products, intermediate consumption, grants and taxes. The Economic Accounts for Agriculture shows the results before depreciation, interest and remuneration of labor. The statistics are calculated in million Danish kroner and as price and volume indices. It is broken down by type and geographical by region.

The COVID-19 crisis have no impact on this statistic.

Data description

The Economic Accounts for Agriculture (EAA) form the basis of the agricultural part of the National Accounts. The bottom line of the statistics is the gross value added at factor prices, which measures the income available for the input of labour and capital, including depreciation, return to internal and debt capital, compensation of employees and return to the farmer.

The EAA can be split up into the following headings:

  • Value of agricultural sales products
    • Crops
    • Animals
  • Income from agricultural services
    • Agricultural contract work
    • Milk quotas for hire
  • Income from inseparable non-agricultural secondary activities
  • Value of changes in stocks
    • Changes in stocks at farms
    • Changes in livestock
  • Output of agricultural industry (The sum of the four above mentioned items)
  • Intermediate consumption
    • Seeds
    • Energy
    • Fertilizers
    • Pesticides
    • Veterinary expenses
    • Feeding Stuffs
    • Repairs and maintance
    • Agricultural services
    • Bank services, indirectly and directly measured
    • Services from other industries
  • Gross value added at producer prices
  • Subsidies and taxes on products
  • Gross value added at basic prices
  • General subsidies and taxes
  • Gross value added at factor prices

Classification system

The statistic is broken down by type and geographical by region.

Sector coverage

Agriculture and horticulture.

Statistical concepts and definitions

Output: Output is the sum of crops and animal products, agricultural services and secondary activitites

Agricultural goods sold: The value of crops and animal products

Crop products: The value of all crop products including cereal, forage crops and fruit and vegetables

Animal output: The value of animal products including meat, live animals and products from animals such as milk and eggs

Agricultural services: The value of agricultural contract work and renting of milk quotas

Secondary activities: Secondary activities covers miscellaneous revenue

Changes in stock and livestock: Changes in stock and livestock

Intermediate consumption: Costs associated with the production e.g. seeds, energy and feeding stuffs

Gross value added at producer prices: Output minus intermediate consumption

Gross value added at basic prices: Gross value added at producer prices plus subsidies on products minus subsidies and taxes on products

Gross domestic product at factor cost: Gross value added at basic prices plus general subsidies minus taxes on production

Statistical unit

Agricultural holdings

Statistical population

The population covers the economic activity in the agricultural sector.

Reference area


Time coverage

The Economic Accounts for Agriculture has been published since 1990. The regional data has been available since 2011.

Base period

There are price and volume indices, which have base years 2005, 2010 and 2015.

See a more in-depth description of the development in the section on Internal consistency.

Unit of measure

The type of products are calculated in million DKK and there is price and quantity indices for the Economic Accounts for Agriculture.

Reference period

It is a yearly statistic following the calender.

Frequency of dissemination

The Economic Accounts for Agriculture are published yearly in May and the yearly regional data are published in November.

Legal acts and other agreements

Regulation (EC) No. 138/2004 of the European Parliament ad of the Council of 5 December 2003 on the Economic Accounts for Agriculture in the Community.

Cost and burden

The statistics are based mainly on data from other statistics. Therefore, there is no direct reporting burden in the compilation of these statistics.


Further information can be found on the subject Agricultural Economics or by contacting Statistics Denmark .