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Science, Technology and Culture, Business Statistics
Anne-Sofie Dam Bjørkman
+45 3917 3396

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Business Enterprise Research and Development (BERD)

Statistics have users in ministry of science, business organizations, researchers, business and students. Statistics are used in publications on research and in international comparisons. R&D statistics is describing the knowledge society. Part of the EU's Innovations Union Scoreboard. Micro-data is available for research through Research Service at Statistics Denmark.

User Needs

  • Users: Ministries, public authorities, business organizations, researchers, students, private business enterprises and the media.
  • Fields of application: The statistics are included in the collection of knowledge for the Knowledge Society. Data are made available for purposes of research.

User Satisfaction

Not compiled for this statistical domain. The assumption is that the intensive users are confident to the extend that they are seeking further details from data.

Data completeness rate

The statistics is complete according to the Commission Regulation and the guidelines from the Frascati Manual.