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Accounts statistics

It is possible to choose between 2 reporting solutions: Upload of XBRL file or via Virk form (manual data entry or upload attachment).

Data submission via via

Upload an XBRL file

Upload XBRL

Data submission via Virk form

Start reporting

Please see the guides below.

Important: Companies with staggered fiscal year should report for the accounts where the clearance is between May 1, 2019 and April 30, 2020.


Deadline for reporting is June 4, 2020.

In some cases, there may be another deadline. This information will be shown in the notification letter which you have received.

Upload of XBRL file: Guides, etc.
Reporting via Virk-blanket: Guides, draft etc.
Important information about the contents of the report
Proxy Agreement
Purpose and use of the statistic