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Accounts Statistics by Industry

The purpose of the present version of accounts statistics for primary industries is to compile statistics on agriculture, fishery and aquaculture which are comparable with accounts statistics on private non-agricultural industries. Furthermore the purpose is to analyze the economics in the primary industries and can be the basis for business policy decisions. In addition to this, accounts statistics also constitute a substantial input for compiling the national accounts. Data is available for 2008 and forward.

Statistical presentation

The purpose of the statistics is to analyze the activity level and the structure of the Danish primary industries yearly. The basis of the statistics is detailed accounts items e.g. turnovers, costs, profits, assets, debts and investments. This statistics is a further processing of the data collected to the accounts statistics on agriculture, fishery and aquaculture.

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Statistical processing

The preparation of data is mainly done when the accounts statistics on agriculture, fishery and aquaculture is made. Data is checked carefully on a individual basis. Enterprises with less than 0,5 person employed (paid or own occupation) are deselected. There is not implied further editing to the data.

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The statistics is relevant because it compares the statistics on the primary industries to the statistics on non-agricultural accounts. In addition it is also input to the national accounts.

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Accuracy and reliability

The statistics are compiled on the basis of a sample population and consequently, the results are subject to some degree of statistical uncertainty. However the reliability on the statistics is considered to be good. This assessment is based on a representation of agricultural land, livestock and turn-over for fisheries and aquaculture.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics are published every and are expected to be published in April, 16 month after the ending of the accounting year.

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The main purpose of the accounts statistics for the primary industries is that the results from the primary industries are comparable with the non-agricultural industries.

Internationally the accounts data on agriculture are delivered to FADN while the accounts statistics on fishery and aquaculture is delivered to DG Mare, which compares the results with other EU countries.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics are available from StatBank Denmark. The statistics is not published other places than in StatBank Denmark.

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