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Note: At the moment, it not possible to report VIES via IDEP. Please use SKAT's website instead. You can still report to Intrastat via IDEP. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Data submission via IDEP.web

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New to IDEP.web? See our quick guide to manual reporting:

Intrastat and Brexit
Reporting deadlines and postponements - Group 1
Reporting deadlines and postponements - Group 2
Purpose, use and legislation
What information is collected for INTRASTAT?
When is your company liable for INTRASTAT?
How do I correct data which has been submitted?
Data validation and editing of INTRASTAT
INTRASTAT and VAT return

Major burden reduction in Intrastat

In the coming years, it will be possible to exempt a large number of companies from reporting to Intrastat. At the same time, companies that continue to report their export will need to include two new variables in their declarations.

Read more about burden reduction in Intrastat