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Note: At the moment, it not possible to report VIES via IDEP. Please use SKAT's website instead. You can still report to Intrastat via IDEP. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Upcoming Changes for Intrastat Reporting
New Thresholds

As part of the transition to a modernized Intrastat, the legislative requirement stipulating which companies must report foreign trade will change as of January 2022. As a result, we are able to raise our thresholds and exempt a large number of companies from reporting their export and import to Statistics Denmark.

Thresholds for Intrastat Export and Intrastat Import in 2022:

Intrastat Export in 2021, DKK

Reporting Required in 2022

Below 10 million

Not required

10 million and above



Intrastat Import in 2021, DKK

Reporting Required in 2022

Below 13 million

Not required

13 million and above


New Variables in Intrastat Export

Companies with total exports of 10 million DKK or more to EU countries and/or Northern Ireland in 2021 are required to report two new variables when reporting Intrastat Export starting January 2022:

  • Country of Origin
  • Partner VAT Number

The variables are becoming mandatory as part of the modernization of Intrastat. 

Since January 2021, companies have had the option of reporting these variables on a voluntary basis to prepare for the new requirements that take effect in January 2022.

Companies expecting to report Intrastat Export in 2022, based on the 2021 threshold, are encouraged to start reporting the two new variables ahead of time. This will help identifying technical issues so that they can be resolved before the variables become mandatory in January 2022.

Technical issues preventing the reporting of the new variables are not a valid reason for requesting a postponement once they become mandatory.

New Transaction Types

In January 2022, new transaction type codes will be added and existing codes may – in some cases – change. More information regarding the new transaction types will be available later this year.

Preparation and Assistance

New information will become available on a rolling basis at  this website. We recommend that you consult this website before the changes take effect in January 2022.

For questions regarding the new thresholds, variables, and transaction types, please contact

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Major burden reduction in Intrastat

In the coming years, it will be possible to exempt a large number of companies from reporting to Intrastat. At the same time, companies that continue to report their export will need to include two new variables in their declarations.

Read more about burden reduction in Intrastat