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Sales of real property

Where can I find historic statistics on sales of real property?

Note: Below, we provide links to Statistics Denmark and others who make statistics on the subject. In some instances, the sources referred to below have content in Danish only or limited content in English.

Statistics Denmark has information on sales of real property from 1845 until today.

The earliest information for the years 1845-1849 is available in Statistiske Meddelelser (in Danish).

The period leading up to 1922 is available (in Danish) in the statistics on sales of agricultural properties.
A complete overview of the early statistics on sales and prices of agricultural properties is available (in Danish) in the book on agricultural conditions in Denmark since the mid-nineteenth century:
"Landbrugsforhold i Danmark siden midten af det 19. århundrede 1850-1910" (in Danish).

From 1923 until 1983, the series “Ejendomssalg” (in Danish) is published on sales of real property. However, the series was not published in the period 1937-1950.

Sales figures for agricultural properties in the period 1937-1958 were published in the series on agricultural statistics "Landbrugsstatistik" (in Danish).

Statistics on sales of real property have been published in a series of statistical news publications — “Statistiske Efterretninger” (in Danish) — since the beginning in 1909. First, they were published in the general series, later mainly in the B-series. From 1983, they were published in the series on the construction industry — “Bygge- og anlægsvirksomhed” (in Danish) — and since continued in the series on income, consumption and prices — “Indkomst, forbrug og priser” (in Danish) — until the last publication in 2008/2009.

The figures from 1992 to the present can now be found in Statbank Denmark under the subject “Sales of real property".

Furthermore, statistics on sales of real property have been published from 1896 until 2017 in the statistical yearbook: "Statistisk Årbog" (in Danish)

Tabels with figures for ten-year intervals are available in "Statistisk Tiårsoversigt" (in Danish). The table appears for the first time in “Statistisk Tiårsoversigt 1970” displaying figures back to 1959.

Other sources

The half-yearly publication from the Danish Customs and Tax Administration on property sales is available at our library for public loan or reading in the library reading room. We have volumes from 1974-2000. Volumes from 2006-2012 are available online at

At Finance Denmark, statistics are available on e.g. prices of houses, turnover time, time on the open market, time-on-market incl. off-market listing time, and number of homes for sale. The figures have been calculated for the whole country, the separate regions, provinces and municipalities. Tables on prices, sold homes, number of homes for sale and turnover times are also available distributed by postcodes.

The consultancy Colliers International has a quarterly market report with an overview of rental income and yield requirements for the commercial real estate market and rental housing market in major cities in Denmark.

How did cooperative housing prices develop?

In 2018, Statistics Denmark published statistics on the market for cooperative housing for the first time. They were released with the analysis on price developments in cooperative housing: "Hvordan har priserne på andelslejligheder udviklet sig?" (in Danish). Updated figures released in 2020 of the price development for cooperative housing are available in the article "Mens ejerboliger bliver stadig dyrere taber andelslejligheder værdi" (in Danish).

Where do I find statistics on homes purchased by parents for their children?

In 2016, Statistics Denmark published an analysis (in Danish) on who the parents are and who the children are:"Forældrekøb - hvem er de unge? - og forældrene?" (in Danish).

In 2020, the Economic Council of the Labour Movement published an analysis on homes purchased by parents for their children in Copenhagen and, in 2021, a similar analysis for Aarhus (both in Danish).

Boligsiden is a Danish housing website that regularly releases statistics based on their own data on homes purchased by parents for their children.

Does Statistics Denmark have information on first-time buyers?

Statistics Denmark has published the following articles (in Danish) with statistics on first-time-buyers:

Pay attention to the definition of the concept “first-time buyers” in the three articles.


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