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Morocco 2024-2026

Statistics Denmark is implementing the second phase of a Strategic Sector Program in Morocco financed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our partner is the High Commission for Planning (Haut-Commissariat au Plan - HCP) which is the main producer of official Statistics in the Kingdom of Morocco.

About Denmark’s Strategic Sector Cooperation (on the homepage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Long-term ambitions

The second phase of collaboration between Statistics Denmark and Haut-Commissariat au Plan (HCP) aims in the longer run to establish and secure the preconditions for a sustainable national statistical system based on digital collection, processing and dissemination of administrative and to a lesser degree survey data. This to support the decision making for the development of the Moroccan society in general and the just green transition in particular.

The second phase naturally builds on the results achieved in the first phase. During the first phase the digitalisation of the statistical production process in HCP has progressed to a new level: With a new IT strategy, the establishment of a Data Management Centre, the use of web based surveys, implementation of a new software for the business register etc. the IT-infrastructure to receive, process and disseminate data is now more or less in place. The aim in phase II is thus to secure a steady and continuous flow of data into the system - both from surveys and from administrative registers, and to finalize the quality aspects of the production of statistics and to publish it.

You can read more about phase I and find videos about the project here

Strategic outcomes

The project has three strategic outcomes:

  • Improved statistical frameworks (or systems) supporting a just green transition in Morocco through strengthening NSO capacities to work with adequately and appropriately disaggregated survey and administrative data for statistics, for digitalization processes and for communication.
  • HCP has strengthened their role as a trusted data provider, their capacities to cooperate and to access relevant sector data, and their provision of relevant and in-demand statistics to government, private institutions and the general public relevant to a just green transition.
  • Accelerated required decisions on viable data-solutions for the data ecosystem including but not limited to those of relevance to a just green transition enabled by partners through exposition to Danish data-solution companies and the Danish Public Private Partnership data-ecosystem of statistics.

Areas of collaboration

Improving HCPs capacity and the national statistical system is done by amongst other things improving the economic modelling capacities, digitalising prioritised statistical processes, continued work on IT and data security issues, finalising the establishment of a statistical business register and secure data flows, improving quality work, and providing technical support to the further development of the implementation of The System of Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA).

Besides the efforts to further strengthen capacities in the production, the quality and the access to statistics efforts will be made to strengthen the cooperation between data providers and users establishing national partnerships with both government and private institutions. In practical terms through e.g. working groups and user groups, by drawing up aggreements, arranging work shops and study visits etc.


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