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Bosnia-Herzegovina 2021-2023

Statistics Denmark is implementing an EU-financed Twinning project in Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the national statistical institutions of Finland, Sweden and Italy. The project runs from March 2021 to March 2023.

The beneficiary institutions are:

  • Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Institute for Statistics of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Institute for Statistics of Republika Srpska
  • Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The overall objective of the project is to increase the volume of statistical data in/for BiH and further increase the compliance with EU Acquis, with the specific objective to strengthen the statistical system institutional capacities and to further harmonise statistics in BiH with EU standards by improving business statistics, balance of payments, agriculture and labour market statistics and to improve reporting/statistics on collected indirect taxes.

In general, the project addresses six independent components:

  • Component 1 - Business Statistics, with four subcomponents
  • Component 2 - Agricultural Statistics
  • Component 3 - Administrative Data Sources
  • Component 4 - Labour Market Statistics
  • Component 5 - Balance of Payment Statistics – Central Bank
  • Component 6 - Macroeconomic Analysis Unit of the Governing Board of the Indirect Taxation Authority

You can read more about the project on Facebook: EU Twinning - Further Support to the Reform of Statistics System in BiH


Jesper Ellemose Skou Jensen
Phone: +45 39 17 32 44