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Prices and Pricing Policy

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Statistics Denmark is the central producer of statistics in Denmark. The costs of carrying this obligation as an authority are covered by the Danish Finance Act. The data stored and collected by Statistics Denmark can also be used to compile other sets of statistics than those, which we are obliged to publish. Basically, we charge for finding figures and for compiling new sets of statistics beyond our obligations as an authority.

The general principle is for the price to cover the costs of performing an individual service. In addition, the price must contribute to cover any costs associated with preparing data for special runs of any kind. When calculating the price of a service, we distinguish between standard products and customised solutions.

Statistics Denmark’s pricing is subject to the rules on externally funded activities in the public sector (i.e. pricing must be on a cost recovery basis) and is checked by the National Audit Office of Denmark. Income and costs must balance, and the income from services must not be used to fund the obligations of the authority. The financial balance is continuously monitored across a four-year average.


Standard products are a number of statistical records that are used to accommodate a high demand for a specific set of statistics. Standard products enable us to quickly provide data at low cost and with high efficiency.

The price for providing standard products is determined in price lists for the individual product. The price covers the direct costs for development and operation.

Product overview (standard products)


Customised solutions involve data that we adapt to the customer’s individual requirements, e.g. special geographical breakdowns, very detailed statistics, or combinations of variables that have not been made public.

Learn more about customised solutions

The price of a customised solution is calculated on the basis of the time spent solving the task, and the number of hours is then multiplied by an hourly rate for services.

The hourly rate for services is calculated each year according to the rules on externally funded activities and according to the rules about balance in the financial year and requirements that all costs associated with providing the service must be covered.

The hourly rates are based on the development of earnings, overheads (e.g. costs of IT, invoicing systems, etc.), hours that are not directly invoiceable (e.g. answering mails and meetings with potential customers) and costs for development and enhancement of the externally funded activities.

Hourly rate for services: DKK 1,364.00 exclusive of VAT (1,705.00 including VAT).

The hourly rates are based on expectations to the development of earnings, overheads, volume of externally funded activities, number of hours spent on products, and development costs for improvement of externally funded activities.

With the current hourly rate, we anticipate income and costs to break even for the externally funded activities, also taking the profits and losses of previous years into account.


Statistics Denmark has the established practice of using standard contracts providing the customer with an overview of the agreement or agreements we enter. The contract includes e.g. a description of the content in the delivery, a clarification of delivery times, clarification of data rights, price and any special conditions regarding copyright etc. Together with the contract, you will also receive Statistics Denmark’s general terms and conditions of agreement, covering the responsibilities of Statistics Denmark, rules about disclosure of the provided material, terms of payment etc.

Statistics Denmark’s business conditions


In cases where Statistics Denmark performs services that involve processing of our customers’ data, e.g. personal data, we must draw up a so-called data processor agreement by which the customer is the data controller and Statistics Denmark is the data processor. Learn more about our data processor agreement.


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