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Business Conditions

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1. General information about business conditions

business conditions describe the terms applied by Statistics Denmark in connection with negotiations, i.e. before entering into an agreement or working relationship with the customer. A number of other general business conditions are also specified.

When an agreement has been entered into between Statistics Denmark and the customer, the General Terms and Conditions of Agreements enter into force.

2. Confidentiality and access to documents

For the sake of public and private interests, Statistics Denmark is subject to confidentiality. All queries, acquisitions and working relationships between the customer and Statistics Denmark are treated with strict confidentiality unless otherwise agreed by the customer and Statistics Denmark. As regards access to documents, Statistics Denmark as a government authority is subject to the Danish Open Administration Act - with the exceptions applying to the activities of Statistics Denmark.

3. Independence and objectivity

Independence and objectivity are the cornerstones of Statistics Denmark's legal framework and business ethics. Consultancy services, including compiling reports and counselling based on e.g. data runs, are generally not provided.

Special conditions and procedures apply in connection with the interpretation and listing of sources of calculation assignments using the ADAM model.

Use of Statistics Denmark's logo is strictly subject to prior agreement.

4. Query response times

In principle, Statistics Denmark responds to customer queries within two working days.

5. Duration of offer

Unless otherwise agreed or stated, an offer stays open for 4 weeks from the date of the offer after which it lapses. This includes both the time of delivery and the price.

6. Procedure

In principle, Statistics Denmark carries out assignments in the order they are agreed or ordered. Statistics Denmark reserves the right to carry out assignments in a different order if this reduces the total production time. Specific assignments are carried out and delivered at the agreed time.

On payment of an extra charge, and if production allows, the customer and Statistics Denmark may arrange earlier delivery, e.g. by ordering work to be done outside normal working hours.

7. Protection of data

Statistics Denmark neither sells nor discloses individual data and reserves the right to protect data to the extent this is required to keep information on individuals, families, households and companies confidential. The method used for protection of data in the various areas of statistics is confidential. Agreements with customers must include a detailed description of how data will be protected in practice - e.g. when combining areas or categories.  

8. Subscription terms and conditions

Unless otherwise stated there is no need to renew subscriptions as they will continue. For further information, see subscription terms and conditions in General terms and conditions of agreements entered into and delivery of assignment section 10.

9. External consultants in contractual relationships

If the customer wishes to use an external consultant to order and/or analyse data, the consultant's contact details, including his/her name and address, must appear from the contract. The customer's contact details must be stated under the billing address. The data may be provided to the customer or directly to the consultant. Once the invoice has been paid, the data becomes the customer's property. Consequently, the customer must comply with the restrictions regarding the disclosure or sale of raw data. The consultant may use the data only for purposes specified by the customer. On completion of the working relationship between the customer and the consultant, the consultant may no longer keep or use the customer's data. Non-compliance with this rule is possible only if the customer has entered into a reseller agreement with Statistics Denmark (cf. clause 16 on reseller agreements) or if otherwise agreed by the customer and Statistics Denmark.

Statistics Denmark is entitled to have a third party carry out tasks in full or in part under any contractual relationship.

10. Meetings and other consultancy services

Meetings held at the request of the customer are paid at the current hourly service rate.


Service task queries that can be responded to within 1 hour are free of charge. The free hour includes finding out whether data is available and, if requested, quoting a price. A service task can be further clarified through a feasibility study paid for by the hour and each fraction of an hour according to the current hourly service rate. If the customer then orders a task to be carried out on the basis of the feasibility study, the time spent performing the feasibility study will be deducted from the total price. Exceptions are negotiations and offers for interview assignments and the sale of standard products for which there is a price list.

Statistics Denmark reserves the right to charge a fee for advisory services in connection with the completion of assignments in addition to what is specifically agreed (see also clause 12 on price policy).

11. General contractual conditions

Statistics Denmark has an established practice as to the use of standard contracts, giving customers an overview of the agreement entered into. The contract specifies the times of delivery, describes the contents of the delivery, clarifies data rights, prices and any special conditions relating to data protection, copyright, payment terms, etc. Statistics Denmark's General terms and conditions of agreements entered into and delivery of assignments, specifying Statistics Denmark's responsibilities, the rules on disclosure of material provided, the payment terms, and the rules on terminating agreements, etc. are enclosed with the contract.

Statistics Denmark will not enter into agreements involving penalty clauses or union membership agreements.

Unless otherwise explicitly agreed or stated in Statistics Denmark's standard contract, all contractual relationships between the customer and Statistics Denmark are subject to the General terms and conditions of agreements entered into and delivery of assignments.

12. Price policy and payment terms

Statistics Denmark's price policy ensures that the price covers the costs incurred in connection with the assignment. The price must also contribute to covering any costs related to the preparation of data for special data runs of any kind.

As a general rule, offers are made at an agreed fixed price. Individual parts of an assignment can be paid on a time basis, e.g. in connection with data protection or test runs of new material.

Depending on their nature, assignments are charged on a one-off basis, on a prepayment basis or on an instalment basis. Statistics Denmark determines the payment terms in a specific agreement.

13. Entry into force

An agreement between Statistics Denmark and the customer enters into force when the offer has been accepted by the customer.

14. Product information

Errors and changes in material published or provided by Statistics Denmark excepted. Statistics Denmark disclaims liability for any errors or changes.

15. Right of cancellation and complaints

The customer has no right of cancellation in connection with acquisitions of data or other electronic material, including material downloaded or delivered by email.

On delivery of the assignment, the customer has 30 days to complain about errors and omissions. The customer must provide written notification of the error to the employee who delivered or completed the assignment.

A 14 day right of cancellation is offered on purchases of books or other non-electronic material.

16. Reseller agreements or publication

Disclosure, lending, leasing or sale of delivered tables or data to a third party is strictly subject to the conclusion of a reseller agreement with Statistics Denmark. Publication of data, e.g. on the Internet or by other means of reproduction, are strictly subject to prior agreement with Statistics Denmark.

17. Formats and means of delivery

Delivery formats are agreed on a case by case basis. Special format requests are agreed on entering into an agreement. Assignment are typically emailed or submitted on CD-ROMs.


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