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StatHost: Get your own data bank

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If you want to convey statistical information through your own website, you can make use of our presentation tools. “Rent” your personal version of StatBank – Statistics Denmark’s professional tool for transmission of data.

Well-known platform

StatBank is a well-known platform regarding transmission of data with more than two million extractions yearly. Whether you represent an organisation or a public institution, you can benefit from our technology in order to present your data professionally.

Integrated into your website

Your data will be placed at servers of Statistics Denmark, and we deploy our technology for the presentation of data. The solution – called StatHost – will be adapted to your layout in order to ensure that the presentation of data appears as an integrated part of your website.

StatHost in practice

StatHost makes it possible to show data in tables, figures and maps. Moreover, data can be exported to different formats, e.g. spreadsheet.

In the top right of the site, you can find examples of StatHost usage by some customers. Click on the logos to view an example.


StatHost - Case: Ankestyrelsen

StatHost - case: Erhvervs- og Byggestyrelsen

StatHost - Case: Danmarks Nationalbank

StatHost - case: Ørestat



For information on prices or if you have any questions about StatHost, please contact us.



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