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Women's shelters

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Welfare and Health, Social Statistics
Nadia Amalie Hjortø
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Womens shelters 2022

The purpose of the statistics Women's crisis centers is to provide information about women and children staying at women's crises centers in accordance with §109 in the Act on Social Services. The statistics were first compiled for 2017.

Statistical presentation

These statistics are an annual calculation of the number of stays and the number of women and children enrolled in women's crises centers that is established and run in accordance with §109 of the Act on Social Services. The statistics are grouped by municipality, origin, age and duration of the stay. Reporting to the statistics is mandatory by law.

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Statistical processing

Data is received quarterly from the women's crisis centers either with the help of a system-generated txt file or via a predefined spreadsheet. Upon receipt, the data sets are reviewed for formal errors, such as incorrect date formats. Next, the data goes through a validation process, after which the statistics are supplemented with background information about the women and any brought children from Statistics Denmark's population register.

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Based on their data strategy for the social sector, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Housing and Senior Citizens has asked Statistics Denmark to collect data and publish statistics on stays and residents at Denmark's women's crisis centers according to §109 of the Act on Social Services. The statistics can be used to broaden the scope of the social field and is supposed to be of interest to anyone interested in social conditions and citizens in socially vulnerable positions.. In the summer of 2023, the women's crisis centers and other stakeholders have had the opportunity to provide feedback and input to the statistics.

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Accuracy and reliability

The statistics are a total count of women and children brought to women's shelters. Some stays are reported anonymously for the woman and/or her children, which is why background information about these may be missing and it will not be possible to capture whether the women are there more than once. Some women and children are listed anonymously at one women's crises center and not anonymously at another. In addition, typing errors or missing dates may occur when entering stays manually. Overlapping stays may also be reported. However, the majority of these errors are corrected before publication.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics are published approximately 9 months after the end of the reference period. The statistics for 2022 are published with a delay.

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The statistics have been produced since 2017. It can be compared with the yearly statistics from the The National Board of Social Services and Landsorganisation for Kvindekrisecentre (LOKK). These statistics calculate evictions from the centers and the number of inquiries at the centres. In addition, more qualitative information is collected, such as type of violence, duration of violence, the woman's mental health. Sweden has statistics on victims of violence.

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics were published in Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik in the autumn of 202. In StatBank Denmark, these statistics can be found under the subject Social conditions. For further information, go to the subject page.

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