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Timeliness and punctuality

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Labour and Income, Social Statistics.
Martin Faris Sawaed Nielsen
+45 39 17 34 98

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Survey on Living Conditions (SILC)

The data are usually published in December or January following the interview period. There is a risk of delays, due to the many different data sources used to compile SILC - which may not be available in due time.

Timeliness and time lag - final results

The data is published in December in the reference year or in January the following year.

In recent years the publication has been moved from September 2016 (SILC 2015) to May 2017 (SILC 2016) to December 2017 (SILC 2017). SILC 2018 was published in December 2018. SILC 2019 was published in January 2020. The 2020-data was released in February 2021. The delay was caused due to extended deadlines for filing the final tax statements due to COVID-19.

The 2022-data was released according to plan in December 2022.


SILC data are usually published in December of the survey year or January the following year. This fulfills the requirements set by Eurostat.