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Labour and Income, Social Statistics.
Martin Faris Sawaed Nielsen
+45 39 17 34 98

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Survey on Living Conditions (SILC)

SILC is primarily used by Eurostat and the European commissions. Users of the statistics published in Denmark are mainly the press.

User Needs

The primary purpose of SILC is to provide comparable statistics on Incomes and living conditions between European countries. In Denmark only a small part of SILC is published. Many of the subjects covered by SILC i.e. incomes are covered by full population registers in Denmark. Thus for Denmark it's always recommended to use our full population registers unless you are doing international comparisons. The same goes for other areas for which full population registers exist. The most important users of the SILC are Eurostat and other European Commisions. In Denmark the primary users are the press and the ministry of Social Affairs.

Statistics Denmark has received financial contribution from the EU in order to implement the changes to the Survey on Income and Living Conditions (SILC) as well as the rolling modules from 2021-2023 necessitated by the IESS regulation.

User Satisfaction

User satisfaction are not measured systematically in Denmark. Feedback in Eurostat is mainly focused on timeliness and further needs for improved regional data. Danish users have the option to comment on SILC at an annual user comittee meeting, covering many different statistics. Apart from this we occasionally are in contact with users by phone, if they have questions regarding the statistics we published.

Data completeness rate

Statistics Denmark comply with the EU regulation and adhere to the Eurostat guidelines for the indicators disseminated in Denmark.