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Labour and Income, Social Statistics.
Martin Faris Sawaed Nielsen
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Survey on Living Conditions (SILC)

The published indicators are assumed comparable over time and between countries participating in the EU-SILC.

Comparability - geographical

The few indicators published by Statistics Denmark adhere to Eurostat guidelines and are internationally comparable.

Comparability over time

The guidelines from Eurostat may change from time to time. But for the data published in Denmark no changes have been made in the guidelines or in the question phrasings since 2004. From 2013 the respondents has been interviewed on the web and by phone. Prior to 2013 the interviews was mainly conducted by phone. No attempt has been made to asses the effect of the updated data collection mode.

In 2020 Statistics Denmark has revised the income definitions used for SILC. Once the work is finalized more information on the revision will be uploaded to The revision should not substantially affect the indicators published in the statbank

In 2015 a revision of the SILC has been carried out. The revision mainly affects incomes and is not expected to have substantial effect on the indicators published in the Danish statbank. Read more about the Revision in Danish.

Coherence - cross domain

The Statbank indicators is strongly correlated with incomes and housing costs. However note that the indicators are subjective and thus may not follow trends in for example the incomes. Statistics Denmark have also published a statistics on Quality of Life in Denmark in 2015, this covers some of the same topics as SILC.

SILC in general has it's main focus on incomes. It is worth noting that the national Danish estimates for mean disposable income, inequality etc. differs from Eurostats SILC, due to differences in the definition in family and the income concepts. More information is available in Danish here.

The household composition is defined by the respondent at the time of the interview and does not match the national household definitions in the registers. Likewise socio-economic status are in register-based statistics imputed via registers, while they in SILC represent the status given by the respondent at the time of the interview. There are also some differences between national income concepts and the concepts used in SILC. Among other imputed rent and interest paid on mortgages are not included in the disposable income for SILC.

Data for SILC is a mix between interview and register data. The register variables is often from the latest available reference time prior to the time of the interview.

Coherence - internal

Information retrieved from register-based sources is based on those persons who have answered the survey questionnaire.