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Sports Participation

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Sports Participation 2023

The purpose of the statistics is to highlight sports participation and results of the population and the professional athletes in Denmark. The statistics describes sports activities, the population's sports and exercise habits, attendances to sports events and Danish sports medal winners in international competitions. The earliest data series in the statistics start from 2007. The statistics in their current form are comparable with other publications of the original sources, eg the Central Association Register, and the Sports Research Institute's surveys of Danes' sports habits.

Statistical presentation

The statistics contain information on activity from the sport associations, time series with main results from surveys of the population's sports habits, spectator and number of matches for selected sports and leagues, and an overview of Danish and foreign winners of international sports medals.

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Statistical processing

The statistics of the sports associations' members' and medals for Danish athletes' performances are received from the Central Association Register and from DIF's medal overview. Selected results from IDAN's surveys of the population's sports habits are received in the form of special extracts. Spectators for selected sports and leagues are collected from the relevant federations. Data for statistics of ranking, are collected from DIF and Gracenote.

Data are validated by a comparison with previous years' results and tabulated.

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The statistics are relevant to professionals in institutions, organizations and public authorities as the basis for, for example, forecasts, analyzes and planning purposes. In addition, several of the statistics results are relevant to interested users for the lighting of sports topics.

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Accuracy and reliability

The overall accuracy and reliability of the results of the members' activities of the sports organizations, international medals, ranks and attendance is considered to be high, as it is build on register information from central and authoritative sources. The statistics do not take into account missing reports to resp. the Central Association Register or the federations. This could e.g. be an association with non-reporting of a group of members or a municipality's non-reporting of spectators to a club game.

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Timeliness and punctuality

Publications are made annually approximately four months after the end of the reference period. These statistics are published without delay, with reference to the announced time of publication in the release calendar.

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Comparison of statistics with other countries in the area is not made. Certain results are comparable to other publications of the original sources, such as the Central Sports Association Register, and results from the Sports Institute's studies of population's sports and exercise habits.

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics are published in the StatBank under Sports Participation and in the annual publication on Culture.

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