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Welfare and Health, Social Statistics
Chris Cornelia Friis Christiansen
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Shelters 2022

The purpose of the statistics Shelters is to provide information about the users of the types of accommodation as prescribed by section 110 of the Social Services Act, which includes reception centers etc. The statistics were originally established by the National Board of Social Appeals in 1999. Until July 1st 2016, the Appeals Board managed the statistics, after which it was transferred to Statistics Denmark.

Statistical presentation

The statistics provides an annual statement on number of nights and number of persons who have spent the night on an accommodation established in accordance with section 110 of the Service Act. The statistics are distributed by age, sex, number of nights and number of stays.

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Statistical processing

Data are received in two different formats. The received data are reviewed for obvious errors, such as date format and incorrect time periods. The received data are processed with the aim to gather data into one data set. When all data sets are combined, duplicates, missing departure dates, etc. are validated. Data are linked to the population register in Statistics Denmark for further information about the users.

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The Ministry of Social Affairs, Housing and Senior Citizens has asked Statistics Denmark to collect and publish statistics concerning stays at § 110 accommodations. The statistics can be used to strengthen the breadth of the social field.

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Accuracy and reliability

Submitting data is required by law. The number of persons who use a type of accommodation as prescribed by section 110 of the Social Services Act during the year is measured fairly accurately. In some cases, completion is lacking in categories such as where the citizen is referred from, how the discharge has been taken place and where the user has been discharged to. In these cases, "unknown" is used in regard to the validation.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics are published 6 months after the end of the reference period. and the statistics for 2022 have been published as expected.

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There was a data breach in 2021 therefore, one should be careful when comparing data from before and after 2021.

Additionally, has there continuously been restored and added new variables, which leads to data breach in these data. In 2017, following information have been restored: referral method, relocation and where the citizen moves after termination. This gives a data breach for these data.

In 2021, information about where the user last stayed prior to staying at the shelter, is collected, this variable replaces referring, and therefore a data breach occurs in this information.

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics are published in the StatBank under [ These statistics were previously published by the Appeals Board. July 1st 2016, these statistics have been transferred to Statistics Denmark. For more information go to the subject page.

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