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Sales of real property

Last updated: 07-04-2021

The purpose of the statistics for sales of real property is to analyze the number of sales and the price trends for specified categories of real property. The statistics are primarily used for monitoring the economic business cycle.

Statistical presentation

This statistic is a statement of price and volume trends in real estate transactions, calculated as price index, average prices and number of sales. The statistics are broken down by category of real property, type of transfer and geography.

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Statistical processing

Data concerning the registration of ownership of real properties is collected on a weekly basis from the electronic land registration system via the Tax Authorities. The data is checked for errors by the Tax Authorities and Statistics Denmark. The sales of real properties in the reference period are added together and sorted by categories of real properties. Then key figures and quarterly price indices are calculated.

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There is a great interest for the published numbers among users, which follows the currently economic business cycle. The statistics of sales of real properties are relevant for the banking- and financial sector, real estate agents, politicians, researchers and the news media. The users consider the statistics for sales of real properties as an important economic indicator. The statistics have a high profile in the press and among other professional users.

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Accuracy and reliability

There is no sampling error in the final figures, but the price indices are still subject to some degree of uncertainty. This is due to the fact that the same houses are not sold in each period which makes it necessary to control for quality changes between sold houses. No matter how this quality correction is done it will always contains some degree of uncertainty. The statistical uncertainty is explained here. Bias on the preliminary price indices is close to 0, while the average deviation is about 0.3 for the quarterly figures.

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Timeliness and punctuality

All figures are published no later than 2 months are the end of the reference period. Punctuality is very high, as delays in the planned release happens extremely rarely.

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The statistics for sales of real property have methodically developed over time. However since 1992 - when some methodological improvements were implemented - the statistics have been processed in accordance with the same principles.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics for sales of real properties is published in News from Statistics Denmark. Detailed figures can be found in StatBank and in the [Online payment data bank]( The figures are also included in the Statistical Yearbook (has been discontinued) and Statistical Ten-Year Review. Historical figures can be found here: Historical sales of real property

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