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Prices and Consumption, Economic Statistics
Jakob Holmgaard
+45 39 71 31 24

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Sales of real property

There is a great interest for the published numbers among users, which follows the currently economic business cycle. The statistics of sales of real properties are relevant for the banking- and financial sector, real estate agents, politicians, researchers and the news media. The users consider the statistics for sales of real properties as an important economic indicator. The statistics have a high profile in the press and among other professional users.

User Needs

The statistics is, among other things, used for monitoring short-term economic trends. Estate agents and other interested parties use the statistics to follow developments in the number of sales and prices for different types of real property within selected geographical areas.

User Satisfaction

There is not gathered knowledge of user satisfaction for this statistic. However, in 2013 a contact group consisting of internal and external experts in this area was established. The primary task of the contact group is to discuss and evaluate the published results as well as planned developments in the area. The contact group also debates the current trends and issues around price index for real properties.

Data completeness rate

The European Commission has adopted a new regulation in 2016 (no. 792/2016) concerning harmonized consumer price indices. This regulation establishes a "housing price index" (House Price Index - HPI) in order to improve the relevance and comparability of the consumer price index. The Regulation obliges Member States to follow a common structure to produce and transmit price index for households' purchases of owner-occupied housings (including dwellings in housing cooperatives) under the auspices of the HICP. Price index for dwellings in housing cooperatives is under development and should be included in the House Price Index.