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Sale of Organic Foods in Retail Shops

These statistics cover the size and composition of the turnover of organic food in supermarkets and department stores. The study was conducted for the first time for the year 2003. From 2017 companies who exclusively sell online, including subscriptions, have been included in the survey.

Statistical presentation

'Sale of organic foods in retail shops' is an annual statement of the sale of organic food and beverages in the retail trade, calculated by quantity and value. The statistics are divided into product groups. Data basis for the survey is reports from the major supermarket chains and wholesalers, who sell food to retailers.

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Statistical processing

Survey population: the major supermarket chains and wholesalers, who sell food to retailers. Questionnaires are quality controlled (correlation between value and quantity, developments from previous years) and respondents are recontacted if necessary. Retail sales that originate from wholesalers are calculated on the basis of their volume sales and kilo prices from retailers, so that the reported information is comparable with the other reported information from supermarkets and department stores.

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The statistics is used by interest groups, authorities etc. to assess the level and composition of organic consumption.

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Accuracy and reliability

Census, no sampling error.

There is some uncertainty in the calculation of data from the wholesalers. After a detailed analysis of the questionnaires received, Statistics Denmark asses that the information overall gives a true picture of retail sales of organic food and drinks in supermarkets and department stores, however, sales of dairy products can be underestimated.

The reported figures are estimated to be of good quality.

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Timeliness and punctuality

Dissemination 4-5 months after the survey year. The statistics is usually published as scheduled.

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There is no public comparable statistics. However, some comparison can be made to statistics on the the overall retail, for example, e.g. Retail Index.

In Sweden and Norway one can find partially comparable statistics. The Danish statistics are comparable from 2003 to now.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistics are published in Statbank and in the News from Statistics Denmark, which can be viewed on topic page on organic statistics.

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