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Sale of Organic Foods in Retail Shops

'Sale of organic foods in retail shops' is an annual statement of the sale of organic food and beverages in the retail trade, calculated by quantity and value. The statistics are divided into product groups. Data basis for the survey is reports from the major supermarket chains and wholesalers, who sell food to retailers.

Data description

The retail sales of organic foods highlight the extent and composition of organic food sales in supermarkets and department stores, etc. The turnover is divided into a number of commodity groups and is measured in weight and value respectively.

The retail trade is handled by a number of supermarket chains and department stores as well as a number of independent merchants, kiosks and the like. The study population consists of two sub-populations: partly the supermarket chains and the warehouses, and a number of wholesalers who, in addition to their own chains, also supply to merchants, kiosks etc. The suppliers that participate in the survey estimate that they cover most of the total supply of goods to the sector. This concentration means that it is possible to reduce the industry's overall reporting burden without this having any significant impact on the study's coverage ratio and thus validity.

The supermarket chains and department stores report the actual sale of organic goods with the indication of the net weight in kg and turnover in DKK incl. VAT. The wholesale chains report sales to their own supermarket chains and other wholesale sales to the retail trade.

The product classification used is, with a few exceptions, identical to the product classification used by Statistics Denmark's consumption survey.

Classification system

The used product classification - Commodity Groups in Organic Foods Retail Turnover - is, with some exceptions, identical to the product classification used by Statistics Denmark's consumer survey.

Definitions available in the questionnaire (in Danish), that can be downloadet from survey site for data suppliers.

Sector coverage

Companies in retail, selling food.

Statistical concepts and definitions

Organic product: Product that meet Danish legislation on marketing of organic products.

Statistical unit

The statistics are published on turnover (DKK, volume) from companies.

Statistical population

Enterprises in the retail sector that sell food

Reference area


Time coverage


Base period

Not relevant to this statistics.

Unit of measure

Revenue published in 1000 kr. incl. VAT (value) as well as tons (volume).

Reference period

The statistics cover sales in the calendar year referred to.

Frequency of dissemination


Legal acts and other agreements

Act on Statistics Denmark §6 and §8. There is no EU regulation.

Cost and burden

Repondent's burden is than 0,1 man-year.


Additional information can be obtained from Statistics Denmark.