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Quarterly national accounts (Discontinued)

The quarterly national accounts present an overall picture of the short-term economic development within the framework of a system of coherent definitions and classifications.

Statistical presentation

The National Accounts are designed to present a complete picture of the economy. The National Accounts provide the conceptual and actual tool to bring to coherence all economic activity and development in Denmark.

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Statistical processing

The quarterly national accounts are compiled on the basis of all relevant short-term statistics describing parts of the economy. Combining these statistics with the definitions and classifications of the national accounts and the detailed annual national accounts makes it possible to balance all the information regarding the supply and use to a complete picture of the economic activity. For more information detailed descriptions of sources and methods can be found in Danish Quarterly National Accounts and Danish Sector National Accounts.

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As the basic data for everyone dealing with socioeconomic conditions like economic ministries, organizations, the press, the financial sector, larger companies, students and researchers. Quarterly national accounts are used as the basis for analyzing the economic development. National accounts continuously evaluate feedback from users via national and international forums.

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Accuracy and reliability

The quarterly national accounts are compiled using a number of primary statistics. Inaccuracy in these primary statistics as well as the adjustment of the statistics to conform to the national account framework will affect the reliability. However, the juxtaposition in the framework of the national accounts will contribute to reduce the inaccuracy.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The quarterly national accounts are published first time 60 days after the end of the quarter and in a revised form 90 days after the end of the quarter. The quarterly sector accounts are published 90 days after the end of the quarter.

The statistics are published according to schedule.

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The time series in the quarterly national accounts are consistent with the annual national accounts.

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Accessibility and clarity

  • News from Statistics Denmark (Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik): Kvartalvist nationalregnskab.
  • Statistical News (Statistiske Efterretninger, Nationalregnskab og offentlige finanser).
  • The annual publication National Accounts (Nationalregnskab).
  • Data in Statbank Denmark.

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