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National accounts, Economic Statistics
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Quarterly national accounts (Discontinued)

The time series in the quarterly national accounts are consistent with the annual national accounts.

Comparability - geographical

Internationally there is a high degree of comparability with the quarterly national accounts of other countries, because the Danish national accounts are compiled in accordance with the definitions in the European System of National Accounts ESA2010.

Comparability over time

t is a fundamental idea when compiling national accounts compilation that the figures to the largest possible extent should be comparable over time. This implies e.g. that new sources always have to be adapted to the concepts of the national accounts, and that changes of existing sources cannot be seen directly as changes of variables and concepts in the national accounts statistics.

Coherence - cross domain

Statistics Denmark's industrial classification DB07, which is a Danish version of the EU NACE, rev. 2. and the UN's ISIC, rev. 4, contains a number of standard classifications: the 127, 36, 19, and 10 classifications. The classifications in DB07 can be aggregated into the 13 industries used by the quarterly national accounts in the same way as the 117 industries used in the final annual national accounts can be aggregated into the 13 industries. The quarterly national accounts figures for industries can therefore be compared to and used in connection with other statistics that are based on the DB07-standard classifications. However as the result of adjustments to the framework of the national accounts, there is no direct comparability with the sources used for the quarterly national accounts.

Coherence - internal

There is by definition full internal consistency in the national accounts.