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Short Term Statistics, Business Statistics
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Purchases and sales by enterprises

The statistics Purchases and sales by firms is calculated from firms VAT reports and shows the development in most standard industrial groupings in Denmark. Purchases and sales are calculated for the branches in "Dansk Branchekode DB07".

Covid-19: In March 2020, the calculation for missing values was supplemented with already published figures for e.g. retail turnover and industry production and revenue, as well as new experimental data sources such as companies' electricity consumption.

Data description

The values Sales total and Purchases total are a measure for the turnover. Data for the calculation are based on the VAT report made by the firms. The statistics contains information on Domestic sales, Total sales, Domestic purchases and Total purchases.

The purpose of the statistics is to monitor business trends and economic activity in Denmark through information on purchases and sales as reported by enterprises covered by the Danish VAT system.

January 2001 the statistics became monthly, and its title changed to Purchases and Sales by Firms. 2012 the statistics was changed, and there are new series from January 2009. There are adjustments and changes in calculation methods and distributions. Now we have quarterly data for the detailed industry groups. Monthly data are published for the 19-, 36- and 127-groupings, and also for the 'NYT'-grouping, which is the 10-grouping supplemented with more detailed information about the largest industry groups. For industry groupings please refer to "Dansk Branchekode" (DB07).

Classification system

The standard industry groupings are based on Danish Industrial Classifications, Dansk Branchekode 2007. 'Dansk Branchekode' is the National version of the EU nomenclature NACE rev. 2.

Sector coverage

The statistics covers all Standard industrial groupings but lacks information on purchases and sales in those industrial groups and activities there are free of VAT duty.

Statistical concepts and definitions

Enterprise: Legal business unit with commercial purpose.

Statistical unit


Statistical population

Enterprises with annual turnover of more than DKK 50.000 or enterprises who have voluntarily been registered for VAT.

Reference area

Denmark excluding Faroe Islands and Greenland. The statistics also covers firms without a Danish address if the Danish tax authority "SKAT" gave the firm an "SE"-number.

Time coverage


Base period

Not relevant for this statistics.

Unit of measure

Mio. DKK.

Reference period

Calendar month.

Frequency of dissemination


Legal acts and other agreements

Section 6 of the Act on Statistics Denmark, as subsequently amended by Act no. 599 of 22 June 2000.

Council Regulation (EC) No 1165/98 of 19 May 1998 concerning short-term statistics.

Cost and burden

There is no response burden as the data are supplied by the Customs and Tax Authorities.

However in the period 2001 to 2011 Statistics Denmark occasionally carried out an annual survey among some 260 joint declarers (units reporting for two or more corporations) in order to ascertain the percentage share of each corporation covered by a joint declaration, but participation in this survey is voluntary. From 2012 this split up is made on basis of administrative information, and the cost of burden is 0.


For detailed information on concepts and definitions relating to the Danish VAT system please refer to the homepage of the Danish tax authority SKAT.